7 Tips to Get That Digital Ad Click

By Téalin Robinson
Client Services Coordinator, Lessiter Media

In the age of digital ads, have you asked yourself how you can distinguish your web ad and get more traffic than your ad neighbor?

As one of the widest forms of marketing used today in the online world, banner ads are seen in all shapes, sizes and impression types depending on the platform. Most digital ads fall into the standard rectangular Google ad sizes of 728×90px, 336×280px, 300×250px and 300×50px. Whether programmatic or targeted, impression based or set priced, all of your web ads should have an easy to read and intriguing message to be worth the placement.

At Lessiter Media, we only allow a limited number of web ads to help maximize impressions and your investment. And similar to a billboard on the side of a freeway, you only have limited time to catch a viewer's attention with your ad before they drive by, or in this case, scroll by

We see advertisers all over the design spectrum, but the most effective designs are typically simple in content and visuals — and they load fast! Ensuring the file is under 150 KB will help your ad load quickly on the page before viewers miss it by scrolling past.

I have compiled some quick design tips — with insight from 99designs by Vista, along with some of our own digital ads to illustrate — to help guide the creation of your next digital ad. Need some direction on your ad creative? Feel free to send them over, and we would be happy to provide some feedback.

7 Tips for How to Get That Digital Ad Click

View Image Online                                                Source: 99designs