6 Tips for Making an Impact With Thank You Cards

By Joanne Volkert, jvolkert@lessitermedia.com
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

I never looked forward to writing thank you cards as a kid. After my birthday, Christmas or whatever the occasion may have been, my mom would always make sure I sat down and wrote out thank you cards to family or friends who gave or sent a gift. Looking back now, I’m glad she did.

Now in my adult years, I look forward to the handwritten notes of thanks, especially from children. Aside from the annual Christmas card – which now seems to have been replaced with family photos in lieu of a personal note – I can’t think of anything else you really receive in the mail where someone took the time to handwrite a message and drop it in the mail.

With that thought in mind, now apply that to your business. Think about what kind of impact or impression that could have on a customer or potential client. Consider...

  • “Thank you for your time to meet with me.”
  • “Thank you for your business.”
  • “Thank you for the referral.”
  • “Thank you for your testimonial.”
  • “Thank you for your consideration.”

The list goes on and on. To help make the greatest impact with thank you cards, I put together a list of six tips to keep in mind.

Giving sincere thanks is a simple way to show kindness and appreciation in your business.