5 Top Benefits of Conversational Marketing

By Patrick Sharpe, psharpe@lessitermedia.com
VP of Audience Development, Lessiter Media

If you have sales responsibilities, you don’t need to be reminded how critical having direct conversations with a customer is to your sales success. Even in the best of years, conversing with them can be a challenge and last year was certainly no exception. Thankfully there are marketing tools available today that can help us better connect and engage with our consumers.

While still relatively new, Conversational Marketing is proving to be successful in improving and building 1:1 digital relationships. It provides you with the ability to answer customer questions in real time, provides your sales team with cross-sell and upsell opportunities, helps remove buying hesitations immediately and builds your brand loyalty.

In simplest terms, Conversational Marketing is a personalized two-way, conversation-driven process used to further engage website visitors and lead-generated prospects. It can be used either live (think chatbox) or with automated response messages. Its success lies in the ability of having “two-way conversations” with consumers when and where they want to have them.

You are probably doing some form of Conversational Marketing already, but without a well thought out strategy you won’t get all the benefits Conversational Marketing can deliver.

Below are five of the top benefits you’ll get when you put together your program. If you have any questions on how to start your own Conversational Marketing program or would like the audience development team at Lessiter Media to develop one for you, just drop me a line or give me a call.