4 Types of Customers & How To Handle Them

Audrey Woods

By Audrey Woods
Administrative Assistant, Lessiter Media

I have been working in customer service in one form or another for about ten years. From food service to dentistry, I have dealt with thousands of customers in seemingly infinite scenarios. The most important thing I have learned from all of these interactions is that my approach has to vary based on whom I am interacting with. If I answer the phone, and the customer on the other end of the call is very brusque with me, I know I probably shouldn’t waste any time asking them about their day or the weather in the same way that I would with a customer who takes their time in getting to their point.

Although no two customers are exactly the same, most fall into one of four buyer personality types; analytical, amiable, assertive or expressive. Changing your approach based on which of these buyer types your customer most seems to fit should lead to happier customers and more successful sales.

In the infographic below, there's a short explanation of each buyer type, as well as how they are best communicated with. Use these as a guideline to keep your customer service in tip-top shape!

4 Buyer Personality Types