4 Email Marketing Trends to Make the Most Out of Your List

By Alison Green, agreen@lessitermedia.com
Marketing Associate, Lessiter Media

In a previous Marketing Minute, Why Your List Is Your Most Valuable Asset, we shared list building and nurturing tips for boosting your promotional success. The bottom line: pay more attention to your list and it will repay you many times over. Abuse or ignore it, and it will be lost to you forever.

If you dedicate time and money to finding and developing email lists to help you reach the right customers, is it not important to make sure you are sending the right messages, at the right time and in the right way? The key to improving your email marketing results is to dive into the minds of your audience by continually analyzing your promotional metrics.

Examine customer behavior when opening (or not opening) your email promotions. Do they consistently open your emails in the evening? Then send your promos at 5pm to keep your message ABOVE your competition’s message when they log in. Examine open rates of different browsers, devices and reading environments, such as "Google vs. Safari", "Samsung vs. IPhone" and "Desktop vs. Tablet". If they primarily open on mobile, then punchy quick-read messages will be easier for them to consume on the go.

If you’ve been sending email promotions for any length of time, you already may have a wealth of data to help drive your email marketing decisions. And if you’re just starting out or considering jumping in, your behavioral data will accumulate quickly. We’ve compiled some universal email marketing trends below to help accelerate your knowledge of email marketing behavior.

I’d love to hear what you’ve observed about your customers’ behaviors by examining your email marketing data.

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