3 Ways To Build An Authentic Brand

By Cassie Kopcha, ckopcha@lessitermedia.com
Digital Media Intern, Lessiter Media

Today, a brand is so much more than just colors and logos. A brand is the impact you have on customers, the industry, and dictates just about every business decision you make. By building a brand that is authentic and has a strong presence in your industry, you can stand out from the competition and boost customer loyalty.

Customers notice when a brand is consistent, reliable, and socially responsible, and that means more business for you. In fact, Stackla found that 88% of customers said that brand authenticity is an important factor in their purchasing behavior. 

Practically, if your customers view you as intentional and authentic, they will tell their friends, family, and colleagues, generating highly effective and inexpensive word-of-mouth advertising. Take a look at these 3 ways you can build a more authentic brand.

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