3 Factors that Affect your Google Ads Quality Score

By Sid Dwivedee, sdwivedee@lessitermedia.com
Digital Media Intern, Lessiter Media

The power of search engine advertising boils down to one simple fact — companies advertising on search engines, like Google, only have to pay for ads that reach people who already have a demonstrated interest in the advertiser’s product. Users profess an interest in your product every time they search for it.

According to Ben Cohen from Wordstream, not only does it take preparation and skills to master Google Ads but it takes time and effort.

“Think of your AdWords account like a new dog. You need to love your account, take care of it, clean it up, and feed it.”

Google Adwords can be a complicated and difficult online advertising platform to master, but it can yield amazing returns, when done right.

Google uses a calculated metric called Quality Score in addition to the amount you bid to decide where your ad will appear. Here are 3 factors that will affect your Google Ads Quality Score.