3 Ad Perception Study Takeways

By Joanne Volkert, jvolkert@lessitermedia.com
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

In our travels attending marketing and B2B events, seasoned marketers continue to describe print advertising as the “air cover” in a marketing plan, the first method to turn to and the one that makes all other tactics more effective.

Of course, the “air-cover plan” is carefully prepared and refined as the world changes around it. To help our marketing customers gauge the relative performance of their advertising and to get a feel for the creative approaches that best connect with our audience, Lessiter Media commissioned a third-party research project through Readex Research. This evaluation was on full-page ads in our own publications, and how actual subscribers (the voice that matters most) reacted to the messages.

“In most cases the objective of the ad is to help sell a product or service,” says Readex. “Accordingly, an effective ad is one that stops the reader, pulls the reader into the ad (attention-getting score), and stimulates a positive feeling or attitude (believable and informative scores).

While each advertising participant received an in-depth report on their own ad message and scores relative to others, we definitely noticed a few common threads among the highest-scored messages (detailed in the infographic below).

Fun fact: Tied for the most believable ad (and second in informative) in the study was one that was created and designed by our very own Lessiter Media staff. Need help in the design department? Drop us a note and our in-house expert marketing and design teams can help create an ad for you that will get results (no charge).

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