Pam Lessiter Legacy Scholarship — Spring 2019 Recipients

From the July 2019 Lessiter Link newsletter

On December 17, 2016, Mike Lessiter announced the Pam Lessiter Legacy Scholarship before employees, guests and spouses at the firm’s annual Christmas party.

Pam Lessiter co-founded Lessiter Media in 1981 with husband, Frank. While she has often been “behind the scenes” in her administrative role, she has been the unsung “heart and soul” of the company and the values on which it was founded, says Frank Lessiter. Her early structuring of the accounting and profit centers were ahead of its time for a small publishing company, and her financial discipline, wisdom and measured risk-taking allowed the company to find steady ground during the lean 1980s and 1990s, and in position to rebuild again after a contraction in 1989. She also has always been gifted in “people” instincts. Pam retired from her full-time role in 2011 but remains an owner and director of the company.

In 2016, Lessiter Media announced a plan to recognize Pam’s long-lasting contributions with a special program that closely aligns with traits and values, as described by her friends, family and colleagues. These include:

  • The importance of family
  • Appreciation of a loyal staff
  • Value of education, self-improvement and hard work — and the personal rewards that accompany it
  • Generosity and sincere desire to help others

Today, the Pam Lessiter Legacy Scholarship is provided to the college-age children of Lessiter Media employees who are diligently working toward their collegiate degrees. Her wish for the next generation, a sentiment echoed by the entire Lessiter Media team, is that this scholarship may in some small way encourage the recipients to use their God-given gifts and abilities as they pursue meaningful and rewarding life dreams.

About Pam Lessiter: Both of Pam’s parents, Jack and Dorothy, attended the University of Illinois, where her father earned a doctorate in industrial education. Pam grew up in East Lansing, Mich. She is a business education graduate of Michigan State University. She met Frank while both were employed in the MSU’s information services offices. They wed in November 1963 and have 4 children (Debbie, Susie, Mike and Kelly) and 14 grandchildren. She and Frank co-founded what is today known as Lessiter Media in Brookfield, Wis., on March 6, 1981.

This past spring marked the third full year of scholarships awarded through this program. To date, 17 dependents of LM staff members have received a total of $32,000 towards their studies. The most recent group includes:

Adam Bruggink, son of Darrell and Beth, who completed his freshman year at UW-Milwaukee, where he is studying Business and has been accepted into the honors program.

Andrew Bruggink, son of Darrell and Beth, entering his senior year at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Andrew expects to graduate with a Business degree next spring.

Courtney Brown, daughter of Jeff and Susan Cota, completed her junior year at UW-Parkside. She will transfer to UW-Milwaukee as a senior to finish her study of Computer Engineering.

Cate Ellis, Michael and Terri's daughter, pursuing a degree in Elementary and Special Education will be a junior when she continues her studies at UW-Oshkosh.

Erin Hemze, daughter of Brad and Carol, is looking forward to her senior year at UW-Eau Claire, where she will be wrapping up her studies in Education.

Emily Blunt, Amy and Mike Johnson's daughter, continues her pursuit for a degree in Communicative Sciences & Disorders as a junior at the University of Wisconsin.

Drew Lessiter, son of Mike and Sandy, completed his freshman year at UW-Milwaukee, where he is studying Business.

Casey McQuin, Sarah and Kevin's daughter, continues her pursuit for a master's degree in Civil Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Daniel Storts, son of Mike and Debe, will be returning to the University of Notre Dame this fall as a senior in pursuit of a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Rachel Storts, Mike and Debe's daughter, completed her first year in the Nursing Program at Marquette Univeristy.

Kelsey Galbraith, Cathy Sweet's daughter, finished up her freshman year at UW-Stout, where she is studying Professional Communications and Emerging Media.