June Community Outreach Smashes Attendance Record

From the July 2018 Lessiter Link newsletter

group of 19 intrepid nature-lovers tackled invasive plant species and spread trail mulch at the Wehr Nature Center last month. It was 12 months to the day that we were there last, and record attendance allowed far more work to get done this year than last. Special thank yous to Danny Storts and Bradford Ermel for joining us! 

Reflections, pontifications and revelations of that industrious, but fun-filled, day include: 

Dallas’ mistrust of monkeys, chimps, etc. in any and all situations. Here are some facts, courtesy of Dallas, on why you should fear them too: 

  • Apes are 7-10 times stronger than humans of a comparable weight. 
  • They have 4 hands. Enough said.
  • Chimpanzees are battle-tested. They hunt each other in the wild like the Bloods vs. Crips.
  • Even their stupidest members are still smart.

Sarah has a fashionable boot selection for every occasion — including weed pulling. 

Nicole’s lecture on bees. I’ll never confuse a regular queen bee with Beyoncé ever again. (Mollie) 

 Michael Ellis’ line of team spirit and helping his colleagues is drawn at tick identification and removal. 

Dallas’ barrage of inquiries on ways to enjoy the park — all with consecutive string of “No, we don’t permit that here” replies. 

Jeremy’s knack for telling mean donkey stories. 

Sarah’s errant application of bug spray inside the nature center beside a case of live bees taught us the fastest way to get scolded by mild-mannered environmentalists. Dallas 

Lewis has an array of never before seen “wheelbarrow dancing” moves. 

Mark’s mustard themed t-shirt in honor of the day’s garlic mustard-pulling activity. 

 Nicole to Mike L: “Nice hat.” 

The bier garten located on the grounds should be officially incorporated into next year’s Wehr event.