A Teachable Moment

From the Lessiter Lore column of the April 2018 Lessiter Link newsletter

Frank and Pam operated Rural Builder and National Rural Builder from 1981-1989. It was during those early years that a young and able-bodied editor said the wrong thing to Frank on the Monday morning following trade show week. A statement that to our knowledge, has never been repeated ...

Back in those days, one of the exhibitors trucked all the materials back from the show as a personal favor. He had piled 100 or so boxes in the foyer of the 2nd story Regency Court building late on Sunday night. “Everyone was dog tired,” Frank recalls of that wintry Monday morning. The editor had been back at the office the week before, while the majority of the company had been at the show.

In those first few minutes of the day, Frank assigned him box-moving duty. The editor indicated the task was beneath him as a professional. And, well, that was the last hour of his employment.

No problems along those lines today. Bree Greenawalt has developed a well-oiled, truck-loading machine with at-the-ready help from all staff, as evidenced by the 21 minute average loading and 6 minute unloading time.