Having joined Lessiter Media in the spring of 2022, Téalin meets with each one of our advertising clients as a middle (wo)man between our organization and our advertisers. She ensures artwork, information and communication reaches from one end to the other, and vice versa. Téalin most enjoys the passionate clients and coworkers she interacts with, those relationships she has the privilege of building and the everyday problem-solving. Outside of work, you will find her always on the move, learning something new, trying new foods or coaching the Brookfield girls high school lacrosse team.

Quick facts...

Education: B.A. in Journalism/Strategic Communications & International Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Brands: All 

No. 1 Bucket List goal: Travel to experience the world’s cultures

Favorite superhero: Black Widow … and my grandmother

Favorite place in Milwaukee: Summerfest/Lincoln Memorial Drive

Person I’d most like to meet: Someone I have not met before

Mac or PC: PC, but Mac for visual editing

Favorite ice cream flavor: Love all ice cream … and custard, sorbet, gelato, etc. … maybe Mint, Chocolate PB or Roasted Banana

Favorite quote: “No one changes the world alone and no one doesn't change it at all. We are all exceptional, and none of us are.” — Hank Green