As the unofficial greeter and mascot of Lessiter Media, Monty Lessiter spends his days checking in on the employees, taking naps, rolling over for tummy rubs and dusting off any surfaces that are within reach of his tail. Monty enjoys Lessiter Media for the love and attention everyone is willing to give. When he’s not in the office he resumes his role as amateur squirrel chaser, professional walking companion and adorable pet to Mike and Sandy Lessiter and their three sons.

Quick facts…

Brands: All

Education: Pet Motel Obedience Training (Butler, Wis.)

Favorite superhero: Underdog

Favorite place in Milwaukee: Estabrook

Person I’d most like to meet: Cast of Super Pups

No. 1 Bucket List goal: To chew on a dinosaur bone

Mac or PC: Mac n Cheese

Favorite ice cream flavor: Anything but chocolate

Favorite quote: "Wanna go for a walk?!"