The entrepreneurial spirit of the company and the camaraderie of the team he gets to work with is what Michael Ellis enjoys most about Lessiter Media. Michael joined the company in December 2008 and likes that the relatively smaller company size offers the opportunity to wear many different hats and be involved in any number of projects in a variety of ways, which “helps keep everything fresh.” Outside of spending time with his family, when Michael’s not in the office his favorite thing to do is run. In fact his favorite place in the city is on the Oak Leaf recreational trail and dirt paths that run parallel to it along the Milwaukee River. “It’s a lengthy hiking, biking and running trail covering many miles that allows you to get pretty close to nature while cutting through urban and suburban areas,” he says. Golf has also been a lifelong passion of his as well.

Quick facts…

Brands: Rural Lifestyle Dealer, Farm Equipment, Precision Farming Dealer, Farm Catalog, No-Till Farmer, Strip-Till Farmer

Education: B.A. in English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Favorite superhero: There’s just too many to pick one – it’s like choosing a favorite child. Top of the list are Wolverine, Captain America and Spiderman. Batman’s not far behind.

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite ice cream flavor: Pralines and Cream

Person I’d most like to meet: I should probably say something like J.D. Salinger or Ben Franklin to sound smarter or more intellectual, but I’d love to hear the stories Frank Sinatra would have to tell.

No. 1 Bucket List goal: Visit the Forbidden City. The architecture and history would be amazing to take in.

Favorite quote: “Winning is a habit and it's a great habit to have, but you learn very little when you win. Losing is learn more from the pain. You'll remember that and learn what to do differently next time.” — Padraig Harrington, professional golfer