Founding Lessiter Media in 1981, Frank Lessiter still oversees all of the company’s publications, with an emphasis on American Farriers Journal and No-Till Farmer magazines. He says he enjoys the work because he likes helping readers in various fields grow by expanding their knowledge and business. A voracious reader himself, Frank also enjoys photography and says his favorite place in Milwaukee is “any movie theatre.”

Quick facts…

Brand(s): All

Education: B.S. degree in Dairy Science, Michigan State University

Favorite super hero: John Wayne

Favorite place in Milwaukee: Any movie theatre

Person I’d most like to meet: Norman Borlaug, the agronomist whose discoveries sparked the Green Revolution that led to more effectively feeding the world’s population

No. 1 Bucket List goal: Outlive my great grandmother who lived to be 100

Mac or PC: Mac

Favorite ice cream flavor: Growing up, we had a 31 Flavors Ice Cream Store in my home town. But the town was so small they only served vanilla. 

Favorite quote: “Use your head for more than a hat rack.”