As part of the American Farriers Journal team, getting to travel to some clinics and shows, meeting the readers and learning more about what they do is Amy Johnson’s favorite part of working for Lessiter Media. With the company since 2006, she also enjoys working with a great team and taking part in delivering quality products. Her passions and hobbies include watching reality T.V. (a guilty pleasure), taking road trips and the never-ending quest for a good hair day.

Quick facts…

Brands: All

Education: B.S. in Communications, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman

Favorite place in Milwaukee: Since I live in the suburbs, I hardly ever get to Milwaukee. I still like going to the Milwaukee Public Museum, though. It reminds me of grade-school field trips.

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies & Cream

Person I’d most like to meet: Ronald Reagan

No. 1 Bucket List goal: Travel to Ireland

Favorite quote: “This too shall pass.” — My grandma used to say that to me.