Lessiter Media’s TASER™ Lead Generation Program


Lessiter Media's TASER™ Lead Generation Program can help you identify highly targeted and qualified leads and nurture them into active, valuable, PAYING customers.

TASER™ is a fully automated lead generation program that attracts, captures, tracks and moves prospects through automated promotional stages, with the goal of identifying highly targeted and qualified leads and nurture them into active, valuable, PAYING customers by focusing on 5 core areas of successful lead generation: Targeting, Audience, Segmentation, Engagement and Retargeting.

The TASER™ program can provide dramatic benefits for businesses that...

  • Are not producing enough sales-ready leads
  • Are limited by disjointed and overly manual marketing efforts
  • Struggle with lengthy lead lifecycles
  • Are too constrained by time and manpower to fully realize their sales potential
  • Face budget and technology limitations

Benefits of TASER™

ADVANCED TARGETING: Using Lessiter Media's Unified Audience Database (UAD), you will be able to hyper-target your marketing message to finely segmented audiences built to resemble your most profitable customers.

PROGRESSIVE PROFILING: Built-in data collection points that gradually shape customer profiles over time as they become more comfortable with your brand, allowing you to hone in on the most qualified of sales leads.

FULLY INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN: Gone are the days of one-off promotions. With TASER™, your custom-built campaign allows you to reach target decision makers through automated messaging on a variety of proven channels.

Want to Learn More?

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