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A Deep Dive into A/B Testing

By Kayla WaukauMarketing Coordinator, Lessiter Mediakwaukau@lessitermedia.com A/B Testing is a critical aspect of marketing, yet it often gets overlooked in the midst of our daily tasks and responsibilities. But fear not, because for the next three weeks, I will be delving into the world of A/B testing in our weekly Marketing Minute. Each week, I…
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5 Tips to Launch Your Text Message Marketing

  By Madeline SchultzMarketing Associate, Lessiter MediaMschultz@lessitermedia.com262-777-2406 Email is a great tool, but as the inbox grows it can become overwhelming and lead to overlooked, deleted, or worse, unsubscribed messages. Place yourself in the shoes you wear outside of work, and ask yourself, “is this something I would even open, let alone read?" If the answer is…
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A/B Testing: Best Practices

By Kayla WaukauMarketing Coordinator, Lessiter Mediakwaukau@lessitermedia.com Split testing, or A/B testing, is a method used to test different marketing variables (such as copy, images, layout, etc). After the tests are conducted, data is compared to each other to identify which test brought better results.  Running A/B tests in your marketing campaigns is a great way…
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