3 Benefits of Utilizing Live Stream


By Madeline Schultz
Marketing Associate, Lessiter Media

Due to social distancing requirements throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people started to yearn for face-to-face contact like never before. This change made human needs more apparent and more crucial than ever, for marketers and consumers alike. Consumers are seeking authenticity, connection, and relatability when experiencing your brand. 

Live streaming has become an effective marketing trend. According to one report, consumers spent around 548 billion hours streaming through mobile devices in 2021 – a number sure to grow through increasing social media usage on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. 

When paired with influencer marketing, live streaming allows potential customers to engage with influencers who can vouch for the product, talk about the product, and make a purchase all while streaming. When brands and influencers collaborate, they unite their individual audiences by creating content that both groups will prize. Influencers have an amazing authority, conveying an original story while integrating a brand's merit and purpose by conducting interviews, Q&A sessions, sneak peaks, or having brands co-host the live stream. 

Another benefit of streaming live together (brand and influencer) is that it decreases production time and increases authenticity. By taking less time and energy creating content, and by streaming together habitually, you are able to make reinforcing the shared message much easier. 

Influencer marketing is all about bonding with your followers. Live streaming is one of the best ways to engage with your audience because it happens in real time. Conversations can be started with followers, speaking directly to them and answering their questions instantly.

To be successful, you must master the art of live video experiences with fans. I have created an infographic to enable continued learning in regard to how influencer marketing can elevate your live stream productivity and increase your overall marketing campaign goals and objectives. 

Have you tried live streaming? Let me know how it performed. Or if you’re looking to get started but need some help, I’d be happy to talk through some ideas with you.