Since 1981, Lessiter Media has been a leader in delivering award-winning publications to niche markets. You’ll find our editors in the field, in dealerships, in barns and at key industry events across the country, staying in touch with all that’s happening in each market so that we can deliver quality content with editorial integrity.

Our award-winning portfolio of publications includes:

American Farriers Journal
Dedicated 100% to fulfilling the ever-changing educational needs of today’s equine hoof-care professionals.

Ag Equipment Intelligence
A monthly paid-subscription newsletter that provides equipment executives, marketers and dealer-principles with late-breaking news, analysis and viewpoints on the changing trends in farm machinery.

Farm Equipment
The leading communication vehicle to agricultural equipment dealers, wholesalers and distributors across North America.

Farm Innovations
An annual publication targeting 60,000 growers with $500,000 or higher gross farm income AND 1,000 or more acres.

Precision Farming Dealer
The only information source for dealers and resellers offering and servicing precision technologies to farmers.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer
The only media dedicated to retailers in the booming rural lifestyle, hobby farm and large property owner market.

No-Till Farmer
A monthly paid-publication that delivers cutting-edge information and techniques to guide farm operators engaged in no-tillage practices.