Best friend of Monty Lessiter and office co-greeter, Gracie Lessiter spends most of her time working remotely at the home of Frank and Pam Lessiter, occasionally making her rounds in the office to check in on everyone from time to time. When she’s not running around to say hello, Gracie can be found sleeping, playing and trying to sneak in a few bites of Mom and Dad’s clothes.

Quick facts…

Brands: Lessiter Media treats

Education: Master’s Degree (18 months of study) from Pet Motel Obedience Training (Butler, Wis.)

Favorite superhero: Zeke the WonderDog (Michigan State University’s frisbee-catching dog who performs at football games)

Favorite place in Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Grounds

Person I’d most like to meet: Lady & the Tramp

No. 1 Bucket List goal: To avoid additional surgeries after eating socks and underwear (they are so tasty!)

Mac or PC: I like to sleep by my mom’s PC when she’s doing her DAILY internet shopping

Favorite ice cream flavor: Bacon! Yum!

Favorite quote: “I’ve never met anyone I didn’t want to kiss!?”