As the publisher and executive editor of No-Till Farmer, Darrell Bruggink oversees the operations of the brand’s print and electronic properties, organizes and manages the National No-Tillage and Strip-Tillage conferences, and is also responsible for sales within the company’s ag division. With the company since 2007, Darrell likes the challenge of providing information that farmers see value in that they’re willing to pay for it, and enjoys working among people who strive for perfection in what they do. In his free time, he likes to watch English football (Come on you Spurs, Whites and Lions), play golf (once a year whether I need it or not), watch his sons play basketball and participate in church activities.

Quick facts… 

Brand: No-Till Farmer

Education: Mass Communications — Journalism, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Favorite superhero: Multitasking Man (I may have made him up)

Favorite place in Milwaukee: Schlitz Audobon Nature Center

Person I’d most like to meet: Jesus

No. 1 Bucket List goal: Play golf at Pebble Beach

Mac or PC: Whichever one is working properly

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip

Favorite quote: “It is finished.”