Brian O'Connor started at Lessiter Media as the Lead Content Editor for Conservation Agriculture in November 2021. He previously worked in daily print journalism for more than a decade in places as far flung as Alaska and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he shared a national award for coverage of two Category 5 hurricanes that struck the islands in 2017. He's also taught English in Korea, delivered packages for Amazon, and coordinated Wisconsin election night coverage for the Associated Press. His first job was on a Southeast Wisconsin farm.

Quick facts…

Brands: No-Till Farmer, Strip-Till Farmer

Education: Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Journalism, Marquette University

No. 1 Bucket List goal: Cage diving with great white sharks.

Favorite superhero: The Fantastic Four (Marvel), The Flash (DC)

Favorite place in Milwaukee: The Park Formerly Known As Miller

Person I’d most like to meet: Analee Newitz (living), Kurt Vonnegut (deceased)

Mac or PC: I don’t participate in religious wars.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Anything with chocolate in it.

Favorite quote: “Conservative, noun – A politician who is enamored of existing evils, as opposed to the liberal, who wishes to replace them with others.” — Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary,” October 1906.