As the digital media director, Brad Hemze serves as the company’s digital marketing technologist, strategist, analyst and futurist. He joined Lessiter Media back in August 2013 and says it’s the culture and opportunity presented here that he enjoys most. Outside of Digital Media he enjoys DIY-repairing of his cars, house and computers. He also likes reading history and culture.

Quick facts…

Brands: All

Education: B.A., North Dakota State University; M. Div., Trinity International University; “Google”

Favorite super hero: Under Dog

Favorite Place in Milwaukee: Wauwatosa

Person I’d most like to meet: Jesus of Nazareth

Mac or PC:  Bilingual but my native language is Mac

Favorite ice cream: Mississippi Mud Pie

No. 1 Bucket List goal: Grandchildren

Favorite quote: "What will it matter a hundred years from now?” — Me